~Mission Statement~
encouraging teens to embrace their unique beauty and realize their self worth

Our sponsors include individuals, groups and businesses. They have been a vital part of our operations since day one. We have had the added pleasure of getting to know many of these charitable people on a personal level. Understanding their individual stories, and why they wish to support us, is something we take to heart. Some sponsors come to us because they themselves were once that impoverished teen, or a victim of childhood trauma. Others are educators who may work with girls who are victims of sex-trafficking, poverty, mental illness, and abuse. Still others are grateful parents and caregivers who were able to provide dresses for their own family. They now wish to help fuel that deserving experience in another teen’s life. We are truly grateful for our sponsors and respect whatever path led them to us.

Special Thanks to The Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club. Their generosity and kind spirit has helped us tremendously. We look forward to partnering with these incredible women for many years to come.

If you are considering supporting us, please contact Linda Imrie at info.rockinfrocks@gmail.com or 216-496-4727. We would love to give you a tour of our shop and answer any questions you may have.